Google Analytics

Our mission is to study and pay attention to the visits measurements and monitoring the online campaigns results, and make predictions for your business.

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Professional Google Analytics

Google Analytics

google analytics With the statistics and metrics tool from Google, we can obtain:

Professional web analytics solution

Google Analytics allows you to collect, view and analyze data about web site traffic. The needs of every business, from M├ętricaWeb offer the solution of implementation of Google Analytics, goal setting, filters and report according to business needs.

Our services

From MetricaWeb we conduct an ongoing study of the visits, conversions and indicators Analytics provided, and available for analysis and study. The data extract we use also to propose technical improvements on the page, refine campaigns and advise on the actions of the marketing plan and overall project.

Technical solutions

Our skilled technicians take care of technical changes on the page to include tracking codes, conversions, evaluators and action shots.

More information

For more information and if you want a professional web analytics solution for your website or project, contact us or feel free to request a quote.